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Andreas Dittmer interviews

Canoe Sport and Andreas Dittmer have led discussion.

The sportsman the professional from Germany, the World champion and the Olympic Champion has agreed to answer our questions. We suggest to visit Andreas Dittmer official site: Andreas Dittmer web site

Andreas Dittmer.
Your City: Neubrandenburg, Germany
Date of birth - 16. April 1972
Weight: growth: 82 KG
Hobby: Running, Cross Country Skiing

Andreas tell, how you have got to flatwater canoe kayak?

My father was a trainer in my hometown and he was showing me paddling. I had fun and finished soccer to go to paddling.

Андреас Дитмер

Than was engaged to it?

I was 9 years old then i start paddling.

How long you go in for flatwater kayak?

I start with 9 years and finished 2008 after the Olympics with 36 years, so it was along time in a high level.

Where you train?

I started in Neubrandenburg for the SCN CLUB but the training was over the years in different places with the german team. At home i paddle at the Tollense Lake in Neubrandenburg.

What your strongest result in sports?

I am 3 times Olympic champion.

Who your First trainer?

Jürgen Lickfett

Tell about the most remembered race...

My most remembered race is my first race at the Olympics in Atlanta. It was absolutely unbeleavable because there were all the biggest athletes from all over the world and me! It was very excited for me. And i was lucky with my races!

Your favourite distance?

1000 m.

You remember the first victory?

Yes, 1989 in Dartmouth (Canada) at the Juniors Worldchampionships... long time ago.

What most of all you love in rowing on kayaks and a canoe?

I can paddle a kayak but i dont like it much, so i love paddling in a canoe. After i finished i paddle OC2. And i still compeed races in this.

What your favourite training?

For example in a hall, on water, power, circular, cross-country - For me it is very importend to use different trainings. I needed in my paddling time the training on the water much as the training cross country in winter time. Running was importend too.

On yours, the Russian national team the strong contender?

Yes! I think the russian paddlers in my age and younger are very strong. It was always a pleasure to paddle with them in a race! And some of them, like Opalev and Kostoglod are friend of mine since many years and i am very happy about this. I am sure there will be a good next season for the russians! Good Luck to them!

Tell about Olympic games Where it was pleasant it is more, what has remembered?

I was lucky, can see 4 times Olympics! But they were different. My favorite was Sydney. But Atlanta was nice too. In my first Olympics everything was new and i remember so many nice things. I can never forget all orf this.

Андреас Дитмер

Whether you are able to row on a canoe? :))))

YES! ))))))

That could you wish young sportsmen?

Be strong and always follow your dreams! Make a good training and dont give up for your dream.

Your Motto...

I dont have a Motto, but my life as a sportsman was a very lucky one. I train every time hard and get the result. Now i like to give it back to the young athletes.

Thank YOU!

From Canoe Sport:

Andreas thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck in your career the same as in a professional sport! We are happy that so talented and great man gave an interview to our "Canoe Sport" sport school!


Andreas Dittmer

Andreas Dittmer
3 times Olympic champion.
Coach: Jürgen Lickfett.
Neubrandenburg, Germany

Андреас Дитмер и Сергей Медведев, специально для Каноэ Спорт.
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