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РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ - Побег из Пандемии - КаякПро

Another winter is coming with more isolation, limited contact, clubs not opening and travel restrictions in place - this is the reality.

But out of adversity can come Innovation. KayakPro USA LLC’s owner and former World Champion Grayson Bourne has launched its new affordable Speedstroke PRO ergometer. It’s only €1,495 + ship in Europe, but the big difference is that it can be fully Bluetooth and internet connected to any smart device.

See the interview with Grayson Bourne here:

Q: What is the new technology you have all about?

A: It is simple really, we wanted to create a 21st Century solution that would change lives and allow Paddlesports athletes not only to survive Pandemic – but to thrive, and even come out stronger. Our new interconnected Bluetooth technology allows Paddlesports athletes to compete, train and race from home on their KayakPro ergometer – and participate in fully interactive with Ultra HD videos in locations from all over the world - from home.

Q: What gave you the idea?

A: We were in discussions with NASA 3 years ago as they were trying to create an immersive exercise experience for Astronauts returning from Space that would allow them to “imagine” they were in a real world environment during their 3 weeks quarantine - post space flight. It is a trick of the brain! But it is not far different from the isolation we are all experiencing now with Coronavirus. Para athletes of course are affected probably worse of all.

Q: So how does your technology help with isolation?

A: Well, you can train with others virtually in real-time on over 70 Different courses and locations from all over the world. You can paddle on your own or invite groups or friends “on-demand” to train and compete against each other.

I use it myself all the time and it is amazing how it changes the way you feel and think. It feels like you are there! So, by training with friends you feel way less isolated.  For far to long, we have all just been using ergometers staring at numbers – it’s not exciting, but our new platform is!

Q: Is it popular?

Yes, it seems so, there are over 4200, people per month now training on our videos. This number will rise dramatically this winter. We are also hoping this winter that Federations, associations, and clubs will also be involved in creating their own groups of paddlers to train together.

Q:  Did you get help with this project?

We did, we were very lucky to have the support and help for filming from some of the best athletes in the world. I am so honoured and humbled to think Friends like Max Rendschmidt, Max Hoff, Petter Menning, Tom Liebscher, Hannes Aigner to name just some would be involved in his project. Now you can paddle with them virtually - if you are brave enough! ? We even have great athletes like Zsolt Gyulay and Kristian Bartfai using our platforms. So, come and join the revolution in Kayaking!

More information on the official: KayakPro website.


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