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Everything is ready for the first ECA Canoe Polo Euro Cup of the year which is scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday in Milan, on the famous Idroscalo artificial lake, which also hosted the 2015 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships. Teams from ten countries are expected to participate in the tournament.


We will see matches in men’s senior, women’s senior, women’s U21 and men’s U21 categories over the two days of the tournament in Italy’s fashion capital.

There will be ten teams playing in men’s senior event and in the first phase teams from Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Great Britain, Hungary and Italy (two teams) will play in two groups. The first three positioned teams from each group will advance to the second round, while the remaining two will play for places 7 – 10. The first four positioned teams of the second round group will then advance to the semifinal, while the remaining two teams will fight for the fifth place. Winners of the semifinal matches will play in the final, and defeated semi-final’s teams will play in a bronze medal match.

Teams, playing the women’s senior event, will play in one group. The first four teams will advance to the semifinal, while fifth and sixth team of the first stage will play for fifth place. Teams from Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Netherlands and Italy will play in this category.

With four teams in women’s U21 event (Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy) there will be a single group with round-trip matches. The first and second positioned team will play for gold, while third and fourth for a bronze medal.

In men’s U21 event there will be two groups of teams from Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland (two teams), Belgium and Italy (two teams). The first three teams of each group will advance to the second round and group L. From this group top four teams will get into the semifinal. Winners of the semifinal will play in a gold medal match and the losers for bronze. Fifth and sixth team of the group L and the fourth positioned teams of groups D and E will play for 5th to 8th place.

The event will start on Saturday at 10:30 local time, and the matches will be played on four pitches.

Participating nations: Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Hungary

All news and photos will be available on the Facebook page of the Italian Canoe Federation:

Official event website:

Results will be available here:

Bulletin of the event is available here:

Source: European Canoe Association.


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