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The first medals of the 2017 ECA Canoe Sprint European Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, are awarded.


In the 1000 metres finals we saw many medallists who have been on the podium in the previous editions of the European Championships. Sebastian Brendel won once more in men’s C1 1000 metres final, Fernando Pimenta defended his K1M 1000 metres champion title from Moscow, Hungary was again at the top in women’s K4 500 metres final ...

German canoeist Sebastian Brendel continues his winning streak at the biggest canoeing competitions. Reigning Olympic and World Champion in the 1000 metres event won the race with almost two seconds advantage ahead of Martin Fuksa (CZE) and 3.5 seconds ahead of Russian canoeist Kirill Shamshurin.

“It feels good. I am back on the course, I feel every good after some ups and downs in the world cup this season. It feels great to be back and I look forward to the world championships,” said Brendel.


In K1W 1000 metres final Dora Bodonyi from Hungary crossed the finish line ahead of Beata Mikolajczyk from Poland and Rachel Cawthorn from Great Britain.

There were no surprises in men’s 1000 metres event with the same three athletes picking the same medals they did last year at the European Championships in Moscow. Fernando Pimenta (POR) won his fourth European Champion title, second in K1M 1000 metres event. Rene Poulsen from Denmark, still reigning world champion at this distance, finished second, and Balint Kopasz (HUN) third.

After the success Pimenta said, “When you work hard it seems easy, but it is not. The level of competition here in canoe sprint is very high. It is very good to give a good show to the people. It is a crazy race, because you have different conditions in the 1000 metres event. In the first 200 metres we had a wind in the back, and in the last 300 metres wind from the front. It is a hard race.”

Reka Hagymasi – Ramona Farkasdi (HUN), Karolina Markiewicz – Julia Lis (POL) and Tabea Medert – Melanie Gebhart (GER) picked gold, silver and bronze medal in women’s K2 1000 metres race.

Hungarian paddlers were once again the fastest in women’s K4 500 metres final, but the crew representing this country changed completely since last year’s European Championships in Moscow. Dora Lucz, Tamara Takacs, Erika Medveczky and Ninetta Vad succeeded their compatriots on the throne as Europe’s best K4 boat in the 500 metres event.


“We had a very good start. At the end we had some problems but we are very happy with the result,” said Dora Lucz.

Polish paddlers Dominika Wlodarczyk, Beata Mikolajczyk, Anna Pulawska and Katarzyna Kolodziejczyk were second in women’s K4 event, while bronze medal went to the hands of Ukrainian crew Mariia Kichasova, Anastasiia Todorova, Mariya Povkh and Inna Hryshschun.

Virag Balla and Kincso Takacs (HUN) who were third last year in Russia won the European Champion title in the C2W 500 metres final. Alena Nazdrova – Kamila Bobr (BLR) were second and Irina Andreeva – Olesia Romasenko (RUS) third. In men’s C2 1000 metres finals German paddlers Yul Oeltze and Peter Kretschner won the race in front of Viktor Melantyev – Vladislav Chebotar (RUS) and Nicolae Craciun – Sergiu Craciun (ITA).

Max Hoff and Marcus Gross (GER) were unbeatable, like at last year’s European Championships, in men’s K2 1000 metres final. Marko Tomičević and Milenko Zorić (SRB) who won bronze medal last year advanced for one position this time to celebrate silver and Francisco Cubelos – Inigo Pena (ESP) finished third.

Bence Nadas, Peter Molnar, Sandor Totka and Milan Mozgi won another gold medal for Hungary in men’s K4 500 metres final. Denis Mysak, Juraj Tarr, Erik Vlcek and Tibor Linka from Slovakia celebrated silver medal and Belarusian crew (Raman Piatrushenka, Mikita Borykau, Dzimitry Tratsiakou, Vitaliy Bialko) finished in the third position.

Polish C4 (Wiktor Glazunow, Piotr Kuleta, Tomasz Barniak, Marcin Grzybowski) celebrated European Champion title in men’s 1000 metres final ahead of German (Conrad Scheibner, Sebastian Brendel, Stefan Kiraj, Jan Vandrey) and Russian (Kirill Shiamshurin, Ilya Shtokalov, Rasul Ishmukhamedov, Ilya Pervukhin) crews.

On Sunday the 2017 ECA Canoe Sprint European Championships will conclude with 500 and 200 metres finals.


Source: Canoe Europe.
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