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The Russian athletic team had previously been deemed ineligible to compete at Rio, and it was anticipated that the International Olympic Committee may entirely ban Russia from competing.

Four-time world breaststroke champion Yulia Efimova announced plans on Monday to appeal her ban at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The others are Natalya Lovtsova, Anastasia Krapivina and Mikhail Dovgalyuk.

"The blanket ban would presume that all Russian athletes were guilty of a doping violation".

They are 2008 Olympic silver and 2012 bronze medalist Nikita Lobintsev, bronze medalist Vladimir Morozov and world junior record holder Daria Ustinova. They would be withdrawn from the team, he added.

There also have been rulings against Russian swimmers.

"The surprise result of the Sochi investigation was the revelation of the extent of State oversight and directed control of the Moscow laboratory in processing, and covering up urine samples of Russian athletes from virtually all sports before and after the Sochi Games", Mr. McLaren wrote in the report. Not so good if you're a Russian track and field athlete where the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is sticking to its starter's guns on banning the entire 68-person Russian track and field team. "After her ban was over, she would have been part of the Russian Olympic team right now, most likely competing the Olympics".

Will Russia be allowed to compete in the equestrian disciplines?

This is about doing justice to clean athletes all over the world.

Earlier this week, Wada criticised the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for rejecting its recommendation to ban Russian Federation from the Rio Olympics, due to start on 5 August.

The ICF also said that Russian Federation would not be allowed to enter boats in four events in which the excluded athletes would have raced.

"We felt there was a huge chance that the Russian athletic situation, the Sports Ministry. will not like our intentions for uncovering the doping system", Vitaly Stepanov replied. They were listed as Tuiana Dashidorzhieva, Ksenia Perova and Inna Stepanova.

The pair gave evidence to a German documentary maker in 2014 that led to an independent report being commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which uncovered the scale of doping by athletes in the country.

Olympic success had the greatest impact on national pride among respondents in emerging economies such as Indonesia, Kenya, Russia, Peru and India. The ITF said the players "have been subject to a rigorous anti-doping testing program outside Russian Federation".

Vizer said that, as far as he could remember, the International Judo Fund, of which Putin's friend Rotenberg is president, had not given the federation financial support since 2009 and that the money was ring-fenced for a specific project to develop judo.

Russia's men's quadruple sculls crew were banned from Rio after one of their members, Sergej Fedorovtsev, failed a doping test in May. For the Russian rowers entered for Rio, 547 blood and urine tests were conducted since 2011.

Russian officials say the country's representation in worldwide sporting bodies reflects its role as a major global sporting power and the private philanthropy of some of its businessmen.

Boxing's governing body, AIBA, said it was examining Russia's entrants.


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